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The Team

Many minds make light work.

Diverse perspective | Competitive edge

Exec. Producer


Provocative visionary, Powerhouse producer, Passionate storyteller.

Prod. Designer


Trained in NBC, FOX and Warner Bros art departments, Linia pushes next-level creative.




Eloquent and passionate—your 
pitch won’t get past her unless you’ve done 
your homework.


Hae Ji

Creative and logistical guru, team leader, inspired storyteller, unstoppable force.



Tyler’s confident follow-through and director’s eye make him a critical partner in innovative storytelling.


Producer (Literary)


He’s an anecdote to artistic burnout in
 an industry that smothers the flame that 
fuels it. Story is nothing without heart.

Manager (Development)

Amy K

Amy deconstructs concepts to find the core, then reconstructs for maximum impact.


Benjamin & Karen

Texture, type, color, connection: Ben and Karen craft visuals to capture hearts & eyes.

Creative Developer

Amy C

Amy assesses angles with a fresh eye,
 providing originality, objectivity, and targeted influence.


Our Story


It's All About Impact

Storytelling bypasses barriers and engages imagination. Here's what led Justice Creative to global, multi-continental production.

Passion to Profession

Justice Creative began with a passion to address domestic sex trafficking and grew into an established production company that offers a variety of services. JusticeFilms still exists as a branch of JC to spark awareness, passion, and action, through media.

People Before Project

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients while constructing powerful media to meet their needs. Interpersonal communication is essential to authentic digital media, and client satisfaction is integral to the project’s success.

Platform for Power

Justice Creative seeks to empower artists of various specializations by generating opportunities to join together on projects of impact. Likewise, Justice Creative offers professional training for young people through FAI–the Film & Acting Intensive.

  • From casting to the the final spots, JC added a new dimension to the creative that made our final spots incredible. I’d highly recommend director Adam J. Hardy. Thanks to Adam and his collaboration, I was able to take my concept and the creative to the next level.

    - Rick Mytych, Creative Director
  • If you're looking for synergy of excellence, attentive service and on time delivery, Justice Creative delivers time after time. A team player attitude puts JC at the forefront of production collaboration. JC brings the heartbeat of creative partnership to your vision.

    - Gail Simone, Creative Director
  • Creative, enthusiastic, outstanding job. Adam J. is passionate about his work and listens to his clients. We would recommend Justice Creative in a heartbeat.

    - Emily Fitchpatrick, CEO
  • Justice Creative exponentially exceeded our expectations. The turnaround time from when we first approached them to when we received the finished product was extremely quick. We were thrilled.

    - Anita Killebrew
  • Working with Justice Creative was an awesome experience! They treated me with honor and respect and I love their passion for pursuing justice. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get their story out there.

    - Rebekah C.
  • I highly recommend Justice Creative for anyone’s production needs. Their turnaround time, pricing, and quality is superb. Adam J. is friendly and easy to work with, and has an eye for capturing some of the most candid moments. You won’t be disappointed.

    - Olivia Dyer


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